What do knitting circles, talent assessments and laughter have to do with team member engagement?

For La Macchia Enterprises (LME), these are all part of a company culture focused on the unique strengths of each team member.

Kolbe awarded LME the 2017 Enterprise Award for Conative Excellence on Oct. 26 at Conation Nation Symposium in Scottsdale!

Shawn Gulyas, LME’s Vice President of Human Resources, knows how to bring out team members’ strengths.

“We want each of our team members to understand their unique abilities, which is why we introduce Kolbe assessments in the hiring process. Then we encourage everyone to work with their natural strengths to get the best business and personal results.”, Gulyas said.

Since 2006, LME has worked closely with Kolbe to understand those instinctive strengths. More than 4,100 LME team members and candidates have taken Kolbe assessments, including the signature Kolbe A™ Index. Every team member at LME knows their Kolbe A Index result. Then they share this information with colleagues as a fingerprint of their unique strengths within four Action Modes®, such as Fact Finder and Quick Start.

Amelia Kolbe A Index LME.JPG

“LME stands out for celebrating team members’ unique gifts. We’re thrilled to know that Kolbe Theory has helped them develop and share a deeper understanding of each employee’s instinctive strengths.” — David Kolbe, Kolbe Corp CEO

Another way LME celebrates employees’ uniqueness is through its wellness program. Gulyas shared these initiatives as a speaker at Conation Nation Symposium 2017.  Each week a company leader or team sponsors a wellness activity that can cover a variety of topics. Past activities include knitting lessons, an elderly care workshop, and a laughter workout session. Team members are encouraged to bring their interests into work to support one of La Macchia Enterprises’ core values – “Be Unique.”

Congratulations to La Macchia Enterprises!

La Macchia Enterprises Kolbe Enterprise Award

David Kolbe presents Kolbe Corp Enterprise Award to Shawn Gulyas, A.J. Kruse and Rebecca Rachoner of La Macchia Enterprises

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