Do and Dont’s: Preparing Kids to Take Over the Family Business

Originally appeared on  Do and Dont’s: Preparing Kids to Take Over the Family Business Too many family-owned business leaders put more energy into passing on wealth without passing on the secret sauce – the […]

Amy Bruske Kolbe Corp 2 Lessons from that New Carl's Jr. Ad #FamilyBusiness

Can you actually depend on your team?

Have you looked at your teams lately? I mean really looked at them and asked “How did my team(s) do this past year?”

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kolbe A Result in 2020

Remember that for most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer and you’ll need to look at your MO to find the best ways of achieving your goals this year.

Hiring to Eliminate Risk Stifles Innovation and Kills the Economy

Organizations will need to hire individuals with diverse conative strengths (in all four Kolbe Action Modes®) in order to build synergistic and innovative workforces.

Using Conative Strengths for ‘Space Travel’

Can you teach people about conation in any location – even in outer space? One Kolbe Consultant decided to find out by taking a group of executives into the “Final Frontier” – or at least, a close facsimile.

The first thing to remember when working with family

When family members come into a business, they need to be able to add value to it—and the business needs to add value to their lives.

Your Next Flight Could Jumpstart Your Life

If you take the time to tap into your MO, that’s when you find true success. And that’s when you can get to work helping other people put on their oxygen masks.