I’ve worked with a lot of CEOs so when I came across this piece from Chief Executive called “Why New CEOs Need to Manage Change to Succeed” I was struck by how important this topic is to be successful in the CEO seat.  

A few key points: the best leaders tap into their own strengths, but also take the time and investment to actually learn the true talents of their team — instead of guessing. This positions a team for success because the leader has put the right people in the right roles based on natural talents. These can be learned through a good assessment, as long as it accurately measures natural talents and not personality preferences.

By understanding natural talents and having a common language to talk about these talents, a team will see a rise in productivity. They’ll be better able to spot differences – and appreciate the diversity of a team. They’ll also be able to spot gaps in the team’s strengths, and help drive the hiring process for additional support.

At the end of the day, for a CEO to succeed they need to know themselves well, read others accurately and be versatile in managing each unique individual and situation.

I’d love for you to read this piece and tell me what you think:

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